Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whatcha think about it?! I am torn, and am looking for other book lovers opinions..What do you all think about the Kindle?? If you aren't familiar with it, the Kindle is an electronic device in which you read books. I'm not sure because I really enjoy holding a book...Let me know what you think...leave a comment and take the poll!! Help me decide!

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Morgan said...

I got a Kindle for Christmas (it was the one gift I asked for) and when I finally got it in my hands, I wasn't sure I would be able to put it down. At the time I was a book person-I liked turning the pages. But then after reading on the kindle for a few books, I instantly became a kindle reader. I pretty much started disliking paperbacks or hardcovers (books actually on paper) because they were so hasslesome. With the kindle, you can hold it without having to turn those pages and holding the pages open. And you can just set it down and not have to worry about it closing on you (like books do).

In the time I have got my Kindle, there are so many more books available now that I browse in the kindle store. It's fun just sitting there (when your bored) and go through books and see which ones you want to buy next. And with the kindle, you don't have to drive to a bookstore. And since I couldn't drive, it was hard trying to go every weekend off of my dad or mom. And in the kindle store, if your not sure whether or not you want to buy the book, you can just push "sample" and it will be sent to your kindle. It's usually ten or so pages of the book, which I love.

You're probably just like: why won't this girl stop babbling? But I can't stop saying how wonderful the kindle is and how much I love it. It was defiantly my favorite Christmas present and I highly recommend you buy it (especially if your a book lover) plus it's enviornmentally friendly when you don't buy the paper versions of books.

Book Lovers Delight said...

Hi Morgan-

No way do I want you stop babbling!! Feel free to do that on this site any time! You make some very valid points! I guess the biggest concern of mine is if it breaks, or I loose it =)

Morgan said...

Yeah, you know what-I haven't thought of that. And now I'm going to be worried, lol!

Book Lovers Delight said...

I told my husband I think I want one =)

Logan said...

Thanks so much for following my blog ladies! I love reading and look forward to sharing my inner nerd with you..haha I am unsure of the kindle either. I really want one, because I like cute gadgets..but I don't know if I would miss traditional book reading. I feel like it might hurt my eyes? I have yet to take the plunge..thinking about it though. I appreciate this post, so I can read everyone's opinions to help me out! xoxo