Saturday, March 6, 2010

THIRST By Christopher Pike

This was a new take on the "Vampire" Alisa, is basically the last living vamp...and she is honestly...badass! She is one tough woman, who can use just about anything to get anyone to do what she wants...then when she gets it...she kills, sometimes =) this isn't the typical love story where everything turns out just fact it's opposite! This book was a breath of fresh air...and I have been looking for THIRST No. 2, but haven't been able to locate it.

On a seperate note...went to the bookstore tonight..Got 3 new books which can be seen in the photo below. I haven't read any of the authors before, also in the picture is Moon Called, which I am reading also...and THIRST which I just finished! Let me know if any of you have read Lariss Ione, Kim Harrison or Karen Chance and what you thought of them...I am super excited to get into my new books!



Loved it!


Another Daydreamer said...

Thanks for following my blog. :) I've not heard of Thirst -- sounds awesome! Going to add it to my TBR list now.

Joann said...

Thirst was really good, I havent got to Book2 yet, my daughter has it!
PS Am a new follower!