Saturday, November 21, 2009

Book Review: Bound to Shadows


Bound to Shadows is book 8 of the Riley Jenson Guardian series.

Riley Jenson is a half vampire, half werewolf who is a guardian for the directorate (nonhuman crimes division). Her soul purpose is to find and stop a killer who is attempting to wipe out members of The Council. Unfortunately, another string of murders emerge and this killer's target is aimed at young women, hence, Riley Jenson. Her heart, body and soul are in terrible danger.

Riley's soul mate, Kye Murphy, a sexy as hell & ruthless hit man, reenters her world and creates more complications than she can handle, all the while, struggling to remain faithful to her heart, and her love, Quinn, a dangerously sexy vampire.

The attempts to begin the story line with mystery seem to fall short in the beginning of the book. It's not until you have urged yourself a time or two to continue to read that you find yourself finally genuinely intrigued. You are invited to peer into a window that shows the Riley Jenson character struggling with seduction at every corner while attempting to gather helpful information for the murder cases. She eventually breaks her resolve with these encounters which is a bit disappointing, I would imagine, for a tough heroin.

As a whole, the book had few real intense moments of the love and hate relationship between Riley and her soul mate, Kye, that readers could identify with. These moments are what saved this book and kept me from howling at the moon from boredom.

It was okay.


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