Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book Review: Vampire Academy


This is my second time reading Vampire Academy and it was even better the second time.

Vampire Academy is about Rose, a seventeen year old half human and half vampire, destined to be a guardian for her best friend Lissa, a full-blooded vampire. After a two year hiatus, the girls are taken back to St. Vladimir's Academy, a vampire boarding school.  There, Rose and Lissa find them -selves to be the center of attention, not the good kind. Between them, they have this intense bond  that only Rose can interpret though feelings, images and occasional outer body experiences, seeing through Lissa's very eyes.  All the while, intense and dire feelings surface between Rose and her mentor, Dimitri, a god like guardian, hired to protect Lissa from Stigoi (evil vampires who kill for blood) while Rose is given a second chance to continue her studies to become a guardian. Little do they know the one person Lissa has trusted for so long has become there enemy.

Of all the vampire novels I have come to read, due to a friend and coworker, never have I encountered such an explosive, independent and wild heroin.  Rose is the tough girl, party animal, loyal til death do us part, kind of girl you want in your corner at all times.  She has an incredible sense of loyalty and duty to her best friend but she also understands that if she is to be her guardian, Rose will have to let go of her teen bopper ways.  No more trips to the mall to try on clothes, or drinking at after parties or starting fights.  She has come to realize that with just one unprotected move, she could endanger Lissa life.

Richelle Mead has created a fantastic showcase of characters in Vampire Academy.  Every character had a purpose and fulfilled their roles when thrown in the spotlight, along the way, building intense relationships between the characters allowing the readers to connect and feel what they feel moment to moment.  I absolutely love this book and would recommend the book to all.

Love it!


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