Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PC Cast-Author Spotlight!!


Karina and I are so excited to share this wonderful author spotlight with you! We were so lucky to have the opportunity to interview PC Cast. PC is one of my top favorite authors, and she seems to be as kind as can be and just has a wonderful spirit. I love checking out her blog and reading about all her upcoming things! Please take a few minutes to ENJOY our interview with PC and also to explore her blog and other websites!

PhotobucketBLD: Tell us about your latest projects?

PC: Right now I'm hard at work on AWAKENED, which will be released January 4th. I'm also working on my first graphic novel, which will be based on my paranormal romance, GODDESS OF THE ROSE, A retelling of Beauty and the Beast. That should be released in four parts beginning December of this year, to follow with a hardback graphic novel. My film production company, Goddess Films, is working on the screenplay adaptation of GODDESS OF THE ROSE, too, which is being written by the House of Night screenwriter, Kent Dalian.

BLD: As a writer, what has been your greatest inspiration & what inspired you to start writing?

PC: Books have always inspired me. I can't remember not being able to read. As a young girl I would often get lost in book worlds, and could never sit still if I wasn't reading. What inspired me to start writing? I guess I just had to put on paper my version of the worlds that were swarming around in my head.

BLD: What was the last book you read?

PC: Right now I'm reading the first of Charlaine Harris's amazing Sookie Stackhouse books and loving it! As a big True Blood fan I'm ashamed that it's taken me so long to read the series!

BLD: Do you prefer to read about a bad boy or a goody two-shoes?

PC: I prefer to read a well developed character.

BLD: What are the top three things you couldn’t live with out?

PC: Books, good wine, electricity

BLD: If being a writer meant you were cursed and everyone’s Karma was dumped on you, what would you be instead and why?

PC: That's easy - I'd go back to teaching high school English because I love it and miss it.

BLD: What is your inspiration when confronted with writers block?

PC: The bills I have to pay.

BLD: When you’re not writing, what are you up to?

PC: Lots of different things! I travel, read, hang out with my friends, spend quality time with my amazing man. Right now he's teaching me to play the guitar and mandolin, which is a little like magic to me!

BLD: What has been the most rewarding part of being a published author?

PC: Empowering women by creating independent, intelligent, modern heroines.

BLD: Who is your favorite character out of all your books and why?

PC: Shannon Parker from my Partholon books (DIVINE BY MISTAKE, DIVINE BY CHOICE, DIVINE BY BLOOD) because she's embarrassingly like me and so it's like I took myself on a fabulous fantasy adventure!




Rheanna said...

Oh I love P.C Cast. And I'm sooo psyched to hear that Goddess of the Rose might be making it to the big screen because it truly is a fabulous book!

Buried in Books said...

I have not read any of P.C. Cast's books, yet. I am ready though. I'm looking forward to looking through the library for her books. I ready to start her series after hearing her name so much. Good interview!


Jazzi said...

One of My favorite conversations! I'm indeed a big fan of P.c. Cast and Kristen Cast and enjoy reading their books! :)
I'm excited for her new screening! amazing.