Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book Review: Kiss Me While I Sleep by Linda Howard

Kiss Me While I Sleep By Linda Howard (375)

Synopsis: Lily Mansfield is one of the best professional contract agents to be hired by the Americans. After finishing an assignment outside of the country, she discovers two of her best friends along with her daughter are murdered in cold blood by an Italian organization, one that has close ties with the Americans, she knows there is only one thing to do...hunt down everyone involved...eye for an eye. The Americans can't risk having Lily sever those ties and therefore, brings in Lucas Swain, a CIA agent, aka wild cowboy. He's ordered to track Lily; bring her in or bring her down. Lucas knows he's going to have fun on this mission but he sure doesn't except to be insanely attracted to his target. Once both realize their attraction for each other, all hell brakes lose.

Book Review: This is the first time I've read a book written by Linda Howard and I'm happy I did. Linda wrote an exciting romantic suspense novel that highlighted a highly successful and strong female protagonist fighting for justice.

The central theme of the story is how Lily struggles with the ever present feeling of losing her humanity due to her profession as an assassin. It takes a perfect stranger, whose enthusiasm for life is so contagious, to make her feel human again.

The plot is exciting but mainstream and focused. That said, I was very eager to get to the next page and continue my fix of action in all sense of the word.

The main character that intrigued me the most I'd say is Lucas Swain because his character was a wild one and also easy going, which is contradictory. But Linda Howard was able to pull it off by placing Lucas in interesting situations.

Overall, the book is very sexy and full of action. I will definitely be reading more of Linda Howard's novels. I recommend this book to romance readers as well as those who love spy and military action books.

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