Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Eclipse Movie Trailer Alert!

I have just finished watching the official movie trailer for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The movie comes out June 30th of this year and the preview is fantastic! Take a look. it's time to vote...

Will you be watching Eclipse this summer at the movies? Vote to tell us why or why not. We want to know.
Jacob Black. Edward Cullen. Need I say more?
Everybody and their mother is going to see it. Might as well.
Darn recession. Will wait to rent it on DVD.
Not a fan of Twilight. free polls



Morgan said...

I am so excited for this movie to come out already! Thanks so much for posting the trailer, I just watched it-and instantly fell in love.

Bookventures said...

I died when i saw the trailer. Though i wish there could have been more of the actions scenes. I love the opening line " Isabella Swan, i promise to love you...forever" *SWOON* LOL just being a giddy fan girl.

Book Lovers Delight said...

Morgan -I know! I am super excited as well. I will do by darn-est this time around to make the midnight showing for Eclipse. Midnight showings for New Moon were sold out!

Bookventures - I'm looking forward to seeing the interaction between the wolf pack and Victoria on the big screen. Although, I am kinda sad to see that the actress who originally played Victoria is gone.


Book Lovers Delight said...

We should go together!!!!