Monday, February 22, 2010

Black Dagger Brotherhood By JR Ward


I've been reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. I don't want to bombard you with a book review for each book (since I feel the same about each of the books thus far) so I decided I would combine them. I really like the series, however I suggest not reading them back to back. The story line has similarities in each book, however each has it's twists. Each Brother is there own and has there own issues I got the following from

Wrath: the last purebred vampire on the planet and the vampire race's king. Essentially blind, he is the leader who is not willing to lead until he is forced to care for a half-breed he falls in love with.

Rhage: the strongest of the brothers and the best fighter. Cursed by the Scribe Virgin, he is possessed by a dark side which is a danger to everyone. Ultimately, though, he is gentled by a very special human woman.

Zsadist: the most lethal of the brothers. A former blood slave who was mercilessly tortured during the first hundred years of his life, Z is the one who has fallen farthest from grace. But he is utterly worthy of redemption.

Phury: the loyal one, the one who sacrifices himself for others. Phury is Zsadist's twin brother and a celibate who cannot truly live because of everything his biological brother has lost. Used to giving rather than receiving, he needs love coming back at him to bring him alive.

Vishous: the most intelligent and the one who is specially gifted. His curse is his ability to prognosticate: he sees the future, though not the 'when' of events so he is tortured by his inability to save those he loves from danger. His love puts him at odds with a secret about himself he did not know and could never have guessed.

Tohrment: the steady one, the calm one. He is the one whose betrayal by fate will cut the deepest.

I really do appreciate these books for the story line, I do wish that there would be a little more story and a lot less of the sexual aspect (guess that's what I get for reading romance). I say this series is worth reading, but these books really are made for adults, however if you can get past some parts they story line is really good


Liked it!


Faye said...

OH! i LOVE this series! i've read all of them expect Lover Avenged*i know, sad* Whose your favorite brother?

Book Lovers Delight said...

Soo far I have to say..I really like Zasadist and Vishous :) which one do you like most?

Marg said...

I have stalled a bit with this series. The last book I read was Butch's book, but my absolute favourite is Zsadist and Bella!

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Sarah (Book Reviews from Inside an Igloo) said...

Great post! I'm reading these right now and I went through the first 5 in less than a week, and I agree with you in taking a break between!

Sarah (Book Reviews from Inside an Igloo) said...

Oh my favorites V all the way! Z is second :)

Book Lovers Delight said...

I just got done with V's book and they have seemed to cool down a bit and focus more on the stories...i am actually really liking this series 2 books in 2 days =)